How would you describe your style?

Our style is organic, earthy and true. I'll explain! Organic because we enjoy capturing real moments happening in real time. We love when the genuine moments unfold, so we don't interrupt or prevent something special happening by asking you to pose in a way that might make for a great scene but is completely unnatural. Earthy because we love capturing the natural beauty of a day - we want to help you remember where you said "I do" and what the day felt like, and nature usually helps with this. Also, instead of over-saturating or over-exposing colors, we keep the natural tones of what the human eye sees in our photos and films. Lastly, true because we capture the day true to you and your dynamic. Nothing fake, nothing forced. Your love speaks for itself and we are here to show up and capture it well.

Do you Travel?

Yes yes & yes! Traveling is one of my favorite things, so let me pack my suitcase & I'll be right there!

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes. A 40% deposit will secure your wedding date on our calendar!

covid is crazy. can I change my date after booking?

Yes. I want to honor you as I would want my vendors to honor me when I get married - the golden rule. If Covid interrupts your plans, you can reschedule without a change fee with at least 45 days notification.


We want your wedding film to feel as uniquely like you as possible. Every couple is different and every couple's story is different. This is why we always have a consultation call with every bride and groom to get to know their dynamic and to hear exactly what they're looking for in their film.

Can you help us with planning?

Yes. We are on your team. If you need help nailing down a location, finding vendors or creating your timeline, we are more than willing to help. We also have some tips and tricks up our sleeves from being in the industry, so if you need help, ask!

How many photos can we expect?

You can plan to receive around 60-80 edited images per hour of coverage.

How do we get our photos / film?

All photos and films are delivered via a secure website, ready for you to download and share!

How can we book you?

To book, you can head to the "contact" page and submit an inquiry! Talk to you soon!

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